Remote Online Consultation and Diagnostics of Toyota Vehicles

Remote online diagnostics of Toyota vehicles in real time
– reading fault codes and other data
– firmware/calibration updates
– read/save log files and clone
– performing active vehicle system tests

Remote diagnostics of Toyota RAV4EV vehicles

Tesla Powertrain Diagnostics and Toyota Techstream software is used for remote diagnostics of Toyota RAV4EV vehicles.
This software is used to display DTCs, faults, and live data from a vehicle and determining the “health” (“wear”) value of a HV Battery.
In addition, the software can also be used to update the powertrain firmware (calibration update), extract and deliver vehicle log data and clon information for additional diagnostics, and perform active tests on certain vehicle systems.


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Toyota / Lexus / Scion vehicles remote diagnostics

Toyota / Lexus / Scion remote diagnostics uses Toyota Techstream and Toyota ISTA software, which includes 2021 model year vehicle diagnostics

This allows real-time
– reading of fault codes and their Freeze Frame Data
– conducting Active Tests
– recording Data Streams while driving
– view Vehicle Control History data
– updating Firmware / Calibrations of ECU (PCM)
– reading / saving log files of all diagnostic results


For a complete assessment of the condition of the car, fill in and send the questionnaire


– Description of the diagnostic process

Location search and causes analysis of extraneous sounds

The use of recording devices for extraneous sounds allows
a) localize the location of their source (s),
b) clearly define the conditions for its occurrence,
c) listen to them and / or, using an FM transmitter, record them on your smartphone and share them with colleagues and then analyze them together with them,
d) the obtained phonograms can be analyzed by software spectrum analyzers in order to reveal the patterns / frequencies of their various causes / sources.


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