Detection and analysis of extraneous noise in the car

Application for the diagnosis of extraneous noise

Submitting this form allows you to place an order for a temporary use of the device (Sound Finder) to search for sources of extraneous car sounds and record their phonograms.

After the device is delivered to the specified address, the location of the sound source is searched for and phonograms are recorded. Then they are sent to us along with a description of the car data and other information.
With the help of the appropriate software, their spectrum is analyzed and conclusions are drawn.

The device (Sound Finder) goes back to us

After identifying the culprit and the actual repair (eliminating the cause of extraneous sounds), you will send small descriptions of the identified cause.

1. Submitting this form does not entail financial obligations and is only a way of providing the initial information
2. Items marked * are required

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