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… I want to express my appreciation for Alflash whose remote diagnostics and guidance saved me at least days and perhaps a week in making this repair. I’ll describe my interactions with him later but for now it’s enough to say that he’s an honest Ukrainian mechanic, not a malicious cyber criminal preying upon the RAV4 EV community.
1. Article by Jim from California: How I fixed my RAV4 EV On-Board Charger
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from California

…A huge thank you to a few members that helped me diagnose my Rav4 EV, but also helped me through the repair process. Volodimir Leshchenko helped diagnose the vehicle from Ukraine amidst a war with Russia. He also provided very valuable info on diagnosing contactors and how to test them. He has a plethora of videos he has made to help with this vehicle. Thank you Sir. Your knowledge is appreciated.
1. Facebook Group: Toyota RAV4 EV Tesla Powered
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Scott Hall


… Enthusiastic DIY owners contributing on forums like this, and experienced Rav4 EV professionals like Vladimir are the only resource to keeping these cars on the road.
Vladimir was patient and persistent, and a total pleasure to collaborate with. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. It would be something special if we could teleport him around the world to work his magic.
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from Portland

… Guys, I need to do a long write up and share all I have learned. I owe a HUGE thanks to alflash.
He has went above and beyond to try to help me out....
Well today alflash tried to help me and spent ~3 hr helping me while he was having his city bombed from the war! I can't thank him enough.
It didn't fix the rav 4 because the control board is likely wrong.
But It helped me learn what I need to know to fix it.
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from British Columbia


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